Sandgate Parish Council Annual Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Report 2023-24

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is the way of collecting contributions from developments towards the provision of infrastructure required to support growth within the District. It is a tariff applied per square metre of new development and varies by scale, use and geography.

The District Council is the Charging Authority for CIL. It is responsible for setting CIL rates, collecting the charge and allocating expenditure for CIL. Town and Parish Councils are recipients of CIL funds under the CIL Regulations and are responsible for spending and reporting on CIL.

Under the CIL Regulations, Regulation 59 require the Charging Authority (Folkestone and Hythe District Council) to pass on a meaningful proportion of CIL to Town and Parish Councils in which the development takes place. According to the CIL Regulations, for areas where there is no neighbourhood plan in place this sum will equate to some 15% of CIL receipts from development within their administrative area up to a maximum of £100 per Council tax dwelling per annum. This rises to 25% where a neighbourhood plan is in place.

Sandgate Parish Council is required to report its receipt and expenditure of CIL annually. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) report to 31 March 2024 is as below.