Sandgate Community Garden: Update 9th June 2024

Sandgate Community Garden Team Diary Entry for 9th June: Waitrose had to find homes for some of their tomato plants.

It has been dry for most of the week; however it certainly does not feel like June, with lots of cloud cover and a cool breeze most days. 

We got the tomato plants out last week, and whilst those at Enbrook Park are not looking too bad, those at Pent Farm, being more out in the open, are looking very cold and fed up and it could be touch and go if they survive.  Luckily there are plenty under cover in the greenhouse. 

It seems that Waitrose had to find homes for some of their tomato plants, and contacted us to ask if we could find a use for them.  We took a few, then the rest we passed on to Touchbase care, and the Nepalese community garden where they will find good homes for sure. 

The cucumbers and calabrese got planted this week and so did the sweetcorn in amongst the squashes.  We decided to be brave and give the sweetcorn another go – a favourite of the badgers, of which there are plenty within the park.  We did manage to grow some beetroot to a decent size which they have obviously not found yet otherwise they would surely have been taken – this has given us some hope.

After this last push of getting in most of the tender summer plants from beans to squashes, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes, it is now time to consider the planting for the autumn and winter already.  We sowed four varieties of autumn/winter cabbages, Romanesco and cauliflowers, of course the kale is already getting to a decent size and next week we will be sowing the purple sprouting which will take us into next spring.

Whilst snail searching, we noticed that one of the Kiwi plants has flowers and we must hold our breath to find out if they may actually produce some fruits.  We can but hope!

What’s next?

  • Still need to clear around the tayberry
  • Sow some purple sprouting
  • Plant some beetroot and spring onions
  • String up the cucumber plants

This weeks update from the Sandgate Community Garden Diary.