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Flytippers in Folkestone & Hythe Prosecuted and Fined

Flytippers in Folkestone & Hythe Prosecuted and Fined

A landowner who allowed his property to be used as a fly-tipping site is facing a bill of more than £3,000.

Tolulope Lassey – of Thames Street in London – repeatedly failed to clean up and secure the unoccupied site on Bradstone Avenue, Folkestone, despite being ordered to do so in the form of a Community Protection Notice (CPN) in September 2019.

The CPN – alongside other attempts to contact him – were ignored and with waste building up, Folkestone & Hythe District Council (F&HDC) was forced to arrange for the land to be cleared on two separate occasions in late 2019.

In his absence, Mr Lassey was found guilty of two counts of failing to comply with a CPN at a Folkestone Magistrates’ Court hearing on 11 January. He was fined £500 for each offence and ordered to pay costs of £2,064 and a £100 victim surcharge.

Meanwhile – on the same day, but in an unrelated incident – Milan Joni of Grove Road, Folkestone, pleaded guilty to fly-tipping and was fined £320 by magistrates.

A member of the public witnessed Mr Joni unloading a washing machine from a van onto land on Charlotte Street – and, crucially, made a note of the registration plate and took photographs of the incident. This information was passed onto the council.

The 47-year-old was fined £320 for the offence and ordered to pay £180 costs and a £32 victim surcharge – bringing the total bill to £532.

Cllr Stuart Peall – F&HDC Cabinet Member for Enforcement, Regulatory Services, Waste & Building Control – said: “As both of these cases demonstrate, fly-tipping offences are taken very seriously by this council.

“We will not tolerate our district to be used as a bin by those who lack personal responsibility.

“Simply dumping your waste wherever you fancy will lead to a thorough investigation by our officers – and possibly a court appearance and a big fine. Put simply, fly-tipping doesn’t pay.

“I would like to thank the member of public who passed on the valuable information to us in this case and urge others to do so if they see fly-tipping taking place.”

Bulky waste can easily be disposed of at Kent County Council’s household waste recycling centres or by using our bulky waste collection service.

To report fly-tipping incidents for clearing up and investigation, visit folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/report-a-problem

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Environment Agenda 02-02-2021

Environment Agenda 02-02-2021

Sandgate Parish Council will broadcast this meeting as a video on Facebook live at the time of the meeting itself on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/sandgatepc/ Comments made on the Facebook video during the meeting will not be monitored and are not a way of feeding back to the Council.


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Planning Agenda 02-02-2021

Planning Agenda 02-02-2021

Sandgate Parish Council will broadcast this meeting as a video on Facebook live at the time of the meeting itself on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/sandgatepc/ Comments made on the Facebook video during the meeting will not be monitored and are not a way of feeding back to the Council.

Members of the public can ask representations regarding an application. Any comments sent to clerk@sandgatepc.org.uk will be sent to all Councillors prior to the meeting and acknowledged by the meeting. If a member of the public would prefer to speak to the application (for up to three minutes) themselves, they can do so by emailing clerk@sandgatepc.org.uk at least 2 working days before the meeting asking to speak to Planning committee, specifying on which application. Members of the public joining a Council meeting to make a representation will be asked to follow the protocol at https://sandgatepc.org.uk/public-speaking-at-online-meetings-of-sandgate-parish-council-protocol/


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Funding to Support Youth Groups

The £16.5 million Youth Covid-19 Support Fund is open to grassroots youth clubs, uniformed youth groups, and national youth and umbrella organisations, to help to mitigate the impact of lost income during the winter period due to the coronavirus pandemic, and ensure services providing vital support can remain open.

Applications for the Youth Covid-19 Support Fund are open and will close at 5pm on the 12th February 2021.

Application form, with the full eligibility criteria and guidance on how to apply, is at https://datatech.pwc.com/DCMS_YCSF/Information.aspx

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Sandgate Community Garden: Update 24 January 2021

Another week has flown by, whilst the wood chip pile at the lower wall continues to gradually diminish, and the wood chip piles within the Community Garden grow ever larger.  We are still wheelbarrowing!   It has been colder this week, and an hour of work is enough before the fingers and toes start to complain – we continue to take it in turns to be there, and appreciate that we have become quite a close knit community, shopping for one of our gardeners with Covid, and passing on information about a multitude of questions on our WhatsApp group. 

There have been some frosts, enough to have to break the ice on the pond a couple of times, and yet another storm flew through so that covers needed retrieving and putting back over plants, and one of our plastic compost bins needing fishing out of the pond.   In spite of all this, the rhubarb is pushing its way above the compost mulch obviously un-phased by challenging weather.

It is now a year that our pond has been in place, this is the best time to establish a new pond or to sort out an old one as the plants will be dormant and the wildlife hunkering down in the mud in the deepest part.  One of our gardeners has an established pond right in the High Street, and has been re-lining it as there was a leak.  Below is a picture of one of the frogs helped to temporarily relocate until the work is done.  A pond is the best thing you can have to attract wildlife to a garden, and how simply fantastic to have such wildlife right by the sea and on a busy High Street – it just goes to show how wildlife can flourish in pockets of space if the right conditions are there.  The Kent Wildlife Trust recorded the earliest sightings of frogspawn in mid-January, so it would just be perfect to see any in our pond this year.

With most of the winter work nearly complete, the beds have a mulch of compost, the paths have a covering of wood chips, and the compost bins all turned, the three main workers of organic matter can get to business.  We follow ‘no dig’ principles which mean that the worms, fungi and bacteria work for us to break down organic materials be they fresh in the compost bins or on the paths.  This year we have seen a delightful range of mushrooms and soil mycelia which some of the gardeners find disconcerting, until reassured that these forms are beneficial for the garden and to be welcomed.  The world is only just beginning to understand the relationship between fungi and plants but it is known that they live to benefit each other to access nutrients, water and carbohydrates.  No dig enables the plant roots to find mycorrhizal fungi in the soil which wrap around the roots to begin the exchange, and to continue this relationship without any soil disturbance which will break the cycle.  Below are a few of the fungi forms both great and small seen recently in the garden, of course we always respect the fact that unless you really know your edible fungi, they should never be eaten.

What’s Next?

  • Continue the wood chip migration
  • Net the kale as the birds are making a meal of them
  • Search for any more seedlings worth potting up
  • One asparagus bed needs extra mulch
  • Rake up escaping compost
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Emergency Road Closure – Granville Road East, Sandgate – 18th January 2021

Emergency Road Closure – Granville Road East, Sandgate – 18th January 2021

It will be necessary to close Granville Road East, Sandgate from 18th January 2021 for up to 8 days.

The road will be closed outside 9 Granville Road East.

The one-way system on Granville Road East has been suspended to allow access.

The alternative route is via Sandgate High Street and Parade Road.

This is to enable emergency gas escape works to be carried out by SGN.


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Financial support for businesses during lockdown

Financial support for businesses during lockdown

Financial support is still available for eligible businesses significantly impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place.

There are three schemes being administered by Folkestone & Hythe District Council on behalf of central government during the third national lockdown:

  • Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG)
  • Closed Business Lockdown Payment
  • Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG)

Cllr David Monk, F&HDC Leader, said: “This money is a crucial lifeline for businesses currently unable to trade as they usually would.

“This is about supporting our local economy as best we can right now. We have been working hard to ensure this funding is getting to the businesses which provide much-valued products and services to residents across our district in a timely manner.

“It’s been fantastic to hear such positive feedback ranging from small traders to bigger businesses with larger overheads. Many have said the grants have made this current situation less stressful and acted as a real lifeline during lockdown periods.”

While more information about all of the support available can be found at folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/covid-19/business-support, here is a basic breakdown of the three:

Local Restrictions Support Grant

This is aimed at businesses which have been legally required to close due to localised restrictions and are business rate payers. Where possible, we have contacted eligible businesses.

For those who have successfully applied for an LRSG in the past, subsequent grants will be paid automatically when applicable – meaning you do not need to fill in any further forms at this stage.

More than £2.25 million has been issued for the second national lockdown, as well as the Tier 3 and 4 restrictions, since the beginning of November.

For more information, visit folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/local-restrictions-support

Closed Business Lockdown Payment

This payment was introduced by central government for the national lockdown beginning 5 January. It is only for those who are legally required to close and are business rate payers.

All eligible businesses that have already applied for an LSRG for the national lockdown period in November 2020 period will automatically receive this additional grant.

For more information, visit folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/local-restrictions-support

Additional Restrictions Grant

This is discretionary grant is available for businesses which have been impacted by the national lockdowns but have not been legally required to close or are not business rate payers.

To be eligible for this grant businesses need to have been significantly impacted (at least 25%) and incurred fixed business costs that cannot be cancelled.

This scheme is paying awards equivalent to the LSRG and Closed Business Lockdown Payment available to businesses legally required to close and are business rates payers.

To date, the council has received around 335 ARG applications with some 136 approved. The grant funds awarded so far total more than £1.2 million – which is around 55% of our original allocation from central government.

For more information, visit folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/additional-restrictions-grant

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