Businesses in Sandgate

Businesses in Sandgate. The Sandgate Business Directory

There are a wide range of retail, hospitality and service businesses in Sandgate. Sandgate has businesses not just in the High Street, but also in the Golden Valley and throughout the village. We are proud of the many places to eat and drink and shop in Sandgate.

For the fullest current directory of businesses across Sandgate, please visit the Sandgate Business Directory.

Sandgate Council actively promotes and uses local businesses for its own requirements whenever possible. We also promote, support and use local businesses in Sandgate.

Where to shop:

Sandgate High Street is known for antiques, but there are many other retail outlets in the High Street including various Eateries and Pubs. In the Golden Valley area there is another shopping precinct with retail outlets which include: Mobility shops, Cleaners, News agents, Kitchen Furniture, Graphics and Signs, etc.

Outside of these two shopping areas there are many more excellent small businesses – some of these include: website designers, graphic designers, event management, secretarial and marketing, printers, book keeping and accounts and more.

Promoting Sandgate:

Sandgate Council works closely with the ‘Discover Folkestone’ Tourism organisation to promote Sandgate to visitors from Kent, the wider UK and France too.


Note to Accommodation providers (Guest Houses, Cottages and Flats, Hotels, B&Bs, etc) in Sandgate: For your Accommodation to be included on the website, where visitors can Search for Accommodation and Book Online you will need to have at least a basic rating from Quality in Tourism. You can find out more about the ratings from either or .

For guest accommodation to be awarded star ratings at a minimum standard guests would be confident to find:

  • establishment meets all statutory obligations
  • clear explanation when bookiing on charges, services offered and cancellation policies
  • full cooked breakfast or substantial continental breakfast
  • at least one bathroom or shower room for every six guests
  • rooms cleaned and beds made daily

For an affordable fee you will get many benefits which include:

  • entry on VisitBritain website and Discover Folkestone website
  • listing in next available edition of ‘Enjoy England Official Tourist Board Guide to Quality Assessed Accommodation’
  • eligibility to participate in local destination accommodation guides including regional marketing campaigns
  • unlimited use of your quality rating in all promotional activity and use of the internationally recognised Quality Rose Marque
  • Quality Signage for external display sign
  • PR via VisitBritain
  • Assessment carried out by experienced industry professionals with clear verbal and written feedback of assessment given.