Sandgate CCTV

Sandgate Parish Council are delighted to have completed the installation of the Sandgate CCTV system. The system covers much of the length of Sandgate High StreetCastle Road Car ParkGolden Valley Shopping Centre and Sandgate Park.

Cameras are NOT focused on private homes, gardens or other areas of private property. Any local resident concerned about the view of a specific camera of their property can arrange to check the area monitored. To arrange to do so, contact or call 01303 248563.

There are signs advising of the CCTV system in each of the areas being monitored. We will be erecting more signs very soon.

The CCTV is a recording only system, and will be operated subject to strict protocols laid out on the policy below, including access to footage. For information on how footage can be accessed, please read the below policy and / or contact or call 01303 248563.

Policy last updated April 2021.