Lola Lachlan competition entries

The terms of the Lola Lachlan Bequest are that prizes are offered to local young persons for written and/or pictorial work on some theme connected with Sandgate. The theme for 2008 is related to H G Wells and his pioneering novel The First Men in the Moon, fictionally launched from Lympne Ridge. This theme does also encompass stories, poems and pictures on any aspect of space travel.

The judges were full of admiration for the skill and imagination which went into producing these impressive entries.  Many showed evidence of real research into Space – either real or fictional – and H G Wells! . It was quite impossible to select a first and second in each Key Stage especially as we wanted to reward written work equally with pictures and models. We therefore decided to give smaller prizes to excellent entries in each stage – and even this was difficult as there were so many deserving an award.  However, we also decided to give an overall first prize covering both Key Stages. This was awarded to Richard Moore for a quite outstanding short story.

Congratulations to all who participated – and to staff at Sandgate Primary School! Special thanks should go to Christina Miller, Teaching Assistant and Art Coordinator at Sandgate Primary, whose commitment made the competition such a success

Judges: Reg Turnill & Mary Mather 

Here is a sample of some of the brilliant artwork being displayed in Sandgate Library.