Sandgate Community Garden

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Regular Updates from the Sandgate Community Garden, a volunteer project in the Enbrook Park grounds of Saga.

New volunteers are always welcome, and the crops grown are shared by and with the community of gardeners.

The Community Garden team are also involved in other projects around Sandgate and Folkestone, including “Incredible Edible” planters by the Golden Valley shops, in Fremantle Road Park, on Sandgate High Street and Sandgate Esplanade.

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Updates written by Leonie Wootton.

Sandgate Community Garden: Update 2 June 2019

The greatest news of the week is that we now have water on site! Paul, the head gardener of Saga, found us a tank, cleaned it, and installed it in the garden for us. This will make life so much easier, and means we can now really get down to planting up the garden, and sowing seeds. However, these things will not water themselves, and we will need to work on a rota for the warmer weather! From now on, ...
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Sandgate Community Garden: Update 26 May 2019

There continues to be more interest in the new community garden, and locals have noticed that things are happening, and approve of the project and the changes we have made so far! We have continued to dig the area to the right of the fruit trees, making planting strips and paths as we go. The grass edges are gradually being straightened to make for a neater edge! The tomatoes have been staked. The fruit and herb area have been weeded ...
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Sandgate Community Garden: Update 19 May 2019

What a fantastic, productive morning! I met up with six people at 10am at the horse trough as arranged; some came to stay and work, some came to just introduce themselves and take a look at the site. We continued to clear the piece of ground to the right of the fruit trees of small roots and stones, and started to define growing areas or strips, and pathways between, by raising the soil into mounds (see photos attached). I had ...
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Sandgate Community Garden: Update 17 May 2019

Since the announcement of the possibility of the start of the Community Garden in the Saga grounds at Enbrook Park, fifteen people have expressed an interest in taking part in the project. I was asked by Kay McLoughlin of Academy radio to come in for an interview last Wednesday 15th, to promote it further, and to invite any volunteers along to see the site.  On Wednesday afternoon and evening I met up with some people, and on Sunday morning at ...
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