The Role of Parish and Town Councils

Welcome to the Parish of Sandgate sign. What is the role of the Parish Council and Town Councils?

There are over 9,000 parish and town councils in England and they form the tier of local government closest to the people. The role of the Parish Council and Town Council is to serve the community. They encourage the public to attend council meetings as observers. Also, they are obliged to organise at least one town or parish meeting each year which all local electors may attend and may raise issues of local concern.

Parish and town councils are local authorities and have a limited number of duties. They do, however, have wide powers, should they decide to use them and they may, with agreement of the district or county council, exercise certain functions normally carried out by those councils.

Within the community the role includes delivering and maintaining services such as parks and open spaces. Maintaining bus shelters and public toilets and litter bins. They can also provide a voice for the community to the local police or planning developers or government entities.

If you would like to attend a Parish meeting please get in touch. If you would like to put forward a question please do so at least 2 working days before the meeting.

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